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  • Which MCU should I use?

    Nowadays there is a seemingly infinite stream of fancy microcontrollers to use for your new project. nRF? ARM? ESP32? PIC? How to decide?Here’s a handy list of a few common microcontrollers/modules! I’ll only be reviewing ones that I have experience using, as there are far too many MCUs out there for me to compare them…

  • An idea, a breadboard, and 3 hours

    One afternoon, I decided to make a project I had been thinking about for a while: a simple countdown timer. It would have been easier to just overkill the thing with a RPi Pico (32bit MCU) in 2 seconds, but I wanted to challenge myself and do it with an ATtiny, an 8 bit AVR…

  • Liftyee.xyz through the ages

    Liftyee.xyz through the ages

    A brief pictorial history of this website!